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5 Cool Batch Files: In This instructable you will get 5 codes for 5 useful batch things - Password Generator - Password Protected Command Prompt - Website Crasher - Website Pinger - PC Cleanup Utilitie Step 1: Error Message Using Only Batch NO Vbs. This makes an error message using only one batch code if anyone knows how to change the msg title please tell me. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: @if (true == false) @end /*! @echo off mshta about: %* goto :EOF */. alert (Hello, world!)

Don't worry, by the end of this article you are going to learn what is batch programming and some cool stuff like virus programming with batch script. 1.What is batch? Simple to say the general meaning of the batch is collection of things as one unit. Technically we call them as set of commands here. Batch file contains a set of commands which are going to be executed at operating system level. Usually batch files are having .bat extension. These files are interpreted by line-by-line at. is it possible to send a batch file wirelessly without emailing it. Superman0801 on May 27, 2013: this is a cool rainbow code. @ECHO OFF:start. color 12. color 34. color 56. color 78. color 90. color ab. color cd. color ef. goto start. Navoda on May 27, 2013: @echooff. Colour oa. Echo cool cool %username% %date% %time. Msg * dumb. Msg * dumb. Shutdown -s-h. Time t/ 1 .Bat files are scripts that can be compiled by any text editor (notepad) and for purpose to execute some cmd commands directly from a single file called Batch file (.bat). Those files have became a little useful inside Windows since you can use them to complete such a little long command list ( copy, xcopy, del...) or to have some Fun by making command lines to prank your friends

A batch file is a computer file, containing commands to be executed by a computer. Batch files characteristically use a .bat file extension. Batch files can be used for simply conveying messages, making viruses, or making complex programs. To create a batch file, open a blank notepad file. Paste or write in the code, then save as anything.bat. The .bat extension is very important. Also, make sure you select All Files when saving. To run the file, double click the icon. To edit. Die meisten Scripte wurden mit der Windows PowerShell erstellt, weshalb Ihr im ersten Teile meine PowerShell Skript Sammlung sieht. Es befinden sich auch einige Einzeiler-Skripte darunter. Im Prinzip dient dieser Bereich als Nachschlagewerk. Einige Scripte wurden von mir erstellt oder verlinkt. Eine Garantie bzw. Haftung kann ich für die Scripte natürlich nicht übernehmen. Bzgl. dessen Einsatz ist jeder selber verantwortlich 07-07-2010 , 11:05 Funny batch scripts. # 1. I found some funny batch script that i want to share with you guys. You can use them to prank your friends. All these script are just pranks and are harmless. Full screen Blue screen of death. Code: @echo off echo. if not %antwort%==gut goto b. jetzt könnt ihr mit goto verschiedene dinge mit einbeziehen: :a. echo das ist gut! goto ende (nach diesem befehl, zu dem ihr hingesprungen seid, müsst ihr einen anderen. goto befehl schreiben damit der darunrestehende nicht miteinbezogen wird) jetzt folgt der zweite punkt zum springen

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  1. Cool Script. a guest . Nov 5th, 2018. 593 . Never . Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 13.91 KB . raw download clone.
  2. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time
  3. Scripts ähneln Batch-Dateien, sind aber deutlich mächtiger. Dieser Artikel stellt 33 fertige Skripts vor, die die Arbeit mit Windows komfortabler, schneller und sicherer machen. Ein ZIP-Archiv.

I have created a Pastebin account just for sharing codes with you, you can see there some of my Old creations in the Batch Game world like Pacman, sokoban, arkanoid, naval battle, minesweeper, space invaders, Pong, F1 Cars, Memory, Labyrint...Etc. Get Codes here -->> http://pastebin.com/u/SmartGeniu 14. Pick Your Option Batch File. When used this creates a file which asks you to choose a number between 1-5 and then does a certain action (as shown below - Action accompanied by number): 1 - Shut's down the computer. 2 - Restart's the computer. 3 - Wipes out the hard drive. 4 - Net send. 5 - Shows a message & then shut's down the compute Also available as Perl and Rexx scripts. Batch version is limited to IP addresses through; for higher IP addresses the batch file will prompt you to manually add 2 decimal numbers. OpenAs.bat: 1.01: Open Windows' Open As dialog for a specified file: NT: 2002-06-20 : OUMember.bat : 1.03: Displays the members of the specified OU(s). W2K: 2004-11-03: Requires Windows. Troll your friends with the following batch files! Try the ones marked with an asterik. They cause no harm. They only scare noobs! 1) awesome_trick.bat* It will crash Windows XP! 2) best_game.bat It will tell a person to restart his PC and cause a few problems, if you know what I mean. 3) Cool.ba.. Batch Script - Commands. Advertisements. Previous Page. Next Page . In this chapter, we will look at some of the frequently used batch commands. S.No Commands & Description; 1: VER. This batch command shows the version of MS-DOS you are using. 2: ASSOC. This is a batch command that associates an extension with a file type (FTYPE), displays existing associations, or deletes an association. 3.

Auch das Kopieren von Dateien ist mit Batch-Befehlen einfach möglich: copy X:\MeineSachen\Irgendwas\coolesLied.mp3 C:\Sammlung\Lied1.mp3 Hier wird die Datei coolesLied.mp3 von Laufwerk X: aus den Unterordnern nach Laufwerk C: in einen Unterordnet kopiert und in Lied1.mp3 umbenannt. Man könnte aber auch folgendes machen Such scripts is useful when you first want a Batch script to set up or verify the right environment before invoking its embedded Python code. Trick #6 - Polyglot scripts: A self-compiling C++ and Batch file. Similar to Trick #5, we can make a Batch file script that is also a C++ program. Here's how we can make a self-compiling C++ Batch script The purpose is to be able to execute AutoIT code directly from inside a batch file (and so not having to worry about .au3 being associated with autoit)..CMD file begins :-----; ::Batch code ,cmd.exe will run the lines beginning with comma and exit; @echo off; start C:\AutoIT\AutoIT3.exe %0 %*; exi

5 Cool Batch Files : 6 Steps - Instructable

Fortlaufende Arbeiten sind typische Arbeiten für Batch Skripte. Obiges Skript erledigt den Job. Wenn das Skript auf beliebigen Rechnern laufen soll, hat man das Problem, dass man nicht weiss, welcher Laufwerksbuchstabe der USB-Stick hat. Dieses Problem lösen wir, in dem wir das Skript auf dem USB-Stick ablegen und von dort aufrufen. Zeile 01 weist der Variablen %Sourcedrive% den Inhalt der. 2. Password Creator. You can even create a password protected file that is created and accessed using a Batch (.bat) file. This is one of the lightly useful batch files in Windows that should work. Cool Computer Tricks! Search this site. VBS Scripts. VBS scripts stands for windows scripting files. They are created in notepad (or similar) and can be difficult to use. Some can be harmful to your computer but what I will show you can be sorted by logging off or shutting down. NOTHING is permanent unless you make it. To make the scripts work all you do is copy and paste them into notepad and.

An active Internet connection is required to use most of these Bash scripts. The usage is fairly simple. Let us see how to use some of them. I assume you have installed all scripts. 1. Currency - Currency Converter. This Bash script converts the currency based on realtime exchange rates. Enter the base currency code and the currency to exchange to, and the amount being exchanged one by one as shown below Batch Script is a basic scripting language that runs on any Windows or MS DOS operating system, the functions are based on the commands for the command lines in these operating systems. Also its pretty cool! Making a game with this script is not that difficult, all it takes is a little time and creativity This is lesson one on batch file scripting. In this lesson you will learn basic commands and learn how to run your very first batch file. Here are the comman.. Auch mit Batch können Sie kleinere Spiele programmieren. Gute und funktionierende Downloads für Batch-Spiele im Internet zu finden, gestaltet sich dabei jedoch schwieriger, als man es erwarten würde. Die besten Downloads haben wir Ihnen daher in diesem Praxistipp zusammengestellt HF ExeScript is a program that quickly converts batch files (.bat), VBS and JS scripts to executable files (.exe). It also protects contents of . bat , .vbs and . js files from being changed by other users accidentally or intentionally

Writing batch scripts in Win was made fairly easy. The scripts basically execute commands in the prompt as if you were typing them yourself. If you're not interested in scripting, you can scroll to the bottom and grab the final code. For example, if you had a batch script like this: dir/a:h attrib Users -s -h -r This would apply those commands in that order. For the moment, they would execute. Cool Batch Scripts Software Indiana University Bioinfo Batch Scripts v.0.0 IU Batch Scripts are shell scripts that simplify the process of submitting batch jobs on Unix machines that use the PBS queueing system and on AIX machines that use..

Awesome Batch Codes : 7 Steps - Instructable

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